How to increase Wi-Fi Network coverage area

There are many mediums to run the internet, in which wi-fi is important. Internet works fast if the connectivity is right. Wi-fi covers an area. Will continue to happen. No need to worry about internet speed for the nearest distance. But connectivity will continue to fail as the distance increases. But there is victory only after defeat. This is a saying. Similarly, strengthen your wi-fi to run internet Can make. Some similar device has been told. Which makes the speed of internet successful.

Standard Router and Placement

It is very important to use a new standard router instead of the old router.
Older router models support 802.11 ‘b’ or ‘g’, while newer routers support ‘n’ as well. You can transfer data at speeds of 600Mbps on 802.11n standard, but so far 802.11ac is the latest standard. On this you get a transfer speed of 1.3Gbps. Therefore, it is very important to use a new and standard quality router for internet connectivity speed. If possible, keep the router in a clean place and install it in the center of your building. Affects wi-fi frequency.Therefore, before buying a router, check its dBi property.

Additional wireless antenna

In addition to the connected antenna, the connection of an external antenna is very important for the good response of the router. There are many good and standard quality router antennas available in the market. The external router antenna is stronger for the signal than the internal antenna of the router.

Using the 2.4GHz-5.0GHz frequency band

The coverage of the router depends on the frequency band, now there are dual band routers in the market. The first is powered by a 2.4GHz and the second a 5GHz dual band router. Wi-fi routers are present in most of the urban areas, due to which there is a serious problem in coverage. With the help of router panel, you can change your frequency band.

Change the band according to your internet capability. Use 2.4 Ghz for normal work, 5.0 Ghz frequency if congested areas, corporates with high router usage or need wi-fi crossing thick walls of area Use a band.

There are two bands 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz in the same router 2.4Ghz frequency provides 450 to 600 Mbps speed 5Ghz frequency on the same router provides 1300 Mbps max speed.The 5GHz frequency range is shorter than 2.4GHz but provides the maximum speed 5GHz. Use the 5.0GHz frequency band if needed but 2.4GHz is most useful for longer ranges.

Using a Wireless Range Wi-Fi Booster

Booster is used to increase the range of the router. Which increases the range of the wireless signal. Which collects the signal and transmits it with a higher frequency. By which the range is increased than before.

Wi-Fi booster effectively doubles the area of ​​any network
Wi-Fi boosters, repeaters and extenders are mostly the same thing. You can buy and use in the market.

Update your router Firmware

It is very important to change the new router from time to time to keep the internet with more high capacity frequency. Because the new cutting edge devices are of standard quality. The new routers are of more range than the old routers and they perform better.
Modern, high quality routers will not only provide more coverage but they will also offer faster speeds, better channel selection and other very useful features.



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